The association "Les amis du Bolo's Computer Museum" (aBCM) aims to preserve material and documentation related to the history of computing, and to revive these precious memories of the past.
To do this, its members are committed to promoting the collection of old computers for the Mémoires Informatiques foundation. If you are interested in this mission, you can become a member by completing the online form and paying a small fee on behalf of the association.

If our activities interest you, follow them live on our blog.

If you want to participate more actively, by donating machines for example, feel free to contact us. You can then become a donor or even an honorary member.

If you want more information about the Musée Bolo, visit the website at www.bolo.ch.

The aBCM association is the privileged partner of Mémoires Informatiques foundation.

Computer Science has a history, let's preserve it!



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