1. Definition

The group Les amis du Bolo's Computer Museum (aBCM), hereinafter « the aBCM association », is a non-profit orgranization within the meaning of the Articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code.

2. Purpose

The aBCM association aims to promote the collection of old computer hardware of the « Mémoires Informatiques » foundation, hereinafter « the Collection ». For this purpose, it intends to ensure that everything related to old computers is not destroyed, but rather receovered, repaired, maintained and shown vividly. It also maintains a priviledged relationship with the Mémoires Informatiques foundation, foundation for safeguarding the heritage linked to computers.

3. Headquarters

The headquarters is at home of the president.

4. Duration

The duration of the aBCM association is unlimited.

5. Members

The aBCM association has active members and honorary members:

  • Active Member: is an active member the natural or legal person who is not an honorary member, who has pledged to promote the Collection and try to minimize the destruction of material and documentation witness of the history of comupting, and who phays the fee. An active member has access to the Collection.
  • Honorary Member: is an honorary member the natural or legal person who is distinguished by outstanding service the aBCM assocation or to the Collection (sponsorship,  exceptional gift or extended help), or has played an historical role in the development of computing. An honorary member is appointed by the committee.

The term « donor » is added to the name of an active member if this member has donated to the Collection a significant piece, or has made a signigicant cash donation to the Collection or aBCM association. A « donor » member is designated by the committee.

Membership is lost:

  • by death,
  • by written resignation addressed to the committee at least one month before the end of the year,
  • by exclusion pronounced by the general assembly,
  • by default of payment of dues for over a year.

In all cases the contribution of the year is due. Resigning or excluded members have no right to the association's assets.
The assets of the association alone is liable for commitments on its behalf. Personal liability of its members is excluded.

6. Membership free

The annual membership fee is 50.- CHF for individuals, 20.- CHF for children, students, retried and annuitants AI and 200.- CHF for companies. A new active member pays dues after August 31 will not have to pay the fee for the following year. Honorary members are not required to pay dues.

7. Revocation

Any member may request in writing (e-mail or letter) to be removed from the list of members of the aBCM association.

8. General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all members of the Association abcm. It meets once a year or on extraordinary request of the committee. The convening, along with the agenda, shall be sent by electronic mail at least fifteen days before the meeting.

The General Assembly decides on important decisions and the appointment of the committee. Decisions are taken by a majority vote of the members present.

9. Committee

Le committee consists of at least three members:

  • the president
  • the vice-president
  • the treasurer

10. Resources and assets

The resources of the aBCM assocation consist of contributions, private funds and donations or sponsorship.

The owner of the Collection is the Mémoires Informatiques foundation.

11. Dissolution

The dissolution of the « aBCM association » is proposed by the committee and approved by the General Assembly. Contingent resources after the dissolution returned to the Mémoires Informatiques foundation or institution with similar goals.

12. Entered into force

This Statute shall enter into force upon adoption by the General Assembly.

Last revision: 22 january 2013

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