Musée Bolo progress report – May/June 2018

We are continuing our commitment to communication by publishing, as we have done now since the beginning of 2018, a bi-monthly progress report on Musée Bolo’s and the aBCM association’s various activities.

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It has now been a few years that we have been looking to professionalise the museum and have a proper venue to exhibit and store our collection.

Recently, discussions with the Commune of Bussigny-sur-Lausanne have been particularly fruitful: the local authority has given us the opportunity to participate in a cultural development project at the heart of an up-and-coming district. The museum would be located in a building along with a conference/performance space and a restaurant.

Financial support for the project would be shared equally between the Commune and the Fondation Mémoires Informatiques, owner of the Musée Bolo collection.
The local council has already voted in favour of the first stage of this project, an injection of 300,000 CHF for an architectural study. After an evening full of emotion, the initial notice has been accepted.

Nevertheless, this first obstacle has not yet been overcome. In fact, a referendum committee has been established and has managed to acquire the necessary number of signatures. A Communal referendum is planned for September and the inhabitants of Bussigny will be called upon to cast their vote.

André Heitz DEC/PDP Collection

As mentioned in our previous report, we are lucky enough to have received the donation of Mr. André Heitz’s personal collection. The “smaller” pieces have already been transported by our own means, but the rest of the collection required the services of a professional transporter. On Mr. Heitz’s recommendation, we contacted Maurice Tornay Déménagement SA and the move was carried out on Monday 28th May along with the participation of some association members.

Le camion de Tornay SA

Tornay SA lorry

Les machines qui se préparent avant le voyage

The machines are prepared before their journey

Le ballet des PDP

The PDP ballet

La famille réunie dans notre local de Chavannes

The family reunion at our storeroom in Chavannes

The main pieces of the collection are now stored at our Chavannes storeroom in their protective plastic jackets.


Below are the events which we have organised or participated in throughout May and June.

Ouf Party 5

A group of aBCM members travelled to Martigny, Valais, for Ouf Party 2018. This annual event organised by OCCC (Old Computers and Consoles Club) had a particular theme for this year’s edition: Atari. So, for this special occasion, we prepared the best pieces of our collection and you can find out more by reading our article on the event (in French).

Mathematics Games Final 2018

As for the semi-final, EPFL was once again an exam centre for the Mathematics Games. EPFL invited us back to offer activities to the participants and those accompanying them. We installed another game lounge with the theme of puzzle and brain-teasing games.

Affiche informative pour la finale des Jeux Mathématiques

Sign for the Mathematics Games Final

Klax sur SEGA Megadrive

Klax for SEGA Megadrive

Pac-man Vs. sur Gamecube qui intrigue avec son gameplay asymétrique

Pac-man Vs. for Nintendo GameCube, popular for its asymmetrical gameplay

Pac-man Vs. - La vue côté Pac-man

Pac-man Vs. – Pac-man’s view

PolyJapan Soirée Spéciale ‘18

We were invited by the PolyJapan association to participate in their annual Special Evening Event, which takes place at the end of the university year, offering a number of activities such as Japanese film projections and video game tournaments. The games selected, in collaboration with the event organisers, mainly included competitive multi-player games such as Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64 and Bomberman for SNES. The series Just Dance was also available on the Wii U.

Soirée Spéciale '18 organisée par l'association PolyJapan

Soirée Spéciale ’18 organised by PolyJapan

Games Night with Pixels

UNIL’s and EPFL’s society for video game culture, Pixels asked us to help out at one of their events. The choice of platforms and games was left entirely up to them and the theme of “Sixth generation consoles” was chosen. We focused our attention on the Playstation 2 and proposed some of the flagship games of this particular console and of that era: the series Guitar Hero, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and many more…

This event was our first collaboration with Pixels and we are looking forward to collaborating again in the future.

A bit of [hi]story

A few association members travelled to Turin in Italy for this major event. Visitors were able to marvel at the results of EPFL’s research using the Smaky and Logidules. It quickly became apparent that initiatives similar to our own have been blossoming throughout Europe and we even had the privilege of being filmed by Rai, the Italian public television channel.

De très nombreux sponsors, mécènes et participants.

A large number of sponsors, partners and participants.

Une petite partie de flipper sur un Smaky, filmé par la Rai

A quick game of flipper on a Smaky, filmed by Rai

L'informatique, c'est aussi de l'art. Ici sur Smaky.

IT can also be arty, here using a Smaky.

Smaky et Logidules

Smaky and Logidules

 Merci à l'organisateur

Thank you to the organisers

Upcoming events

Numerik Games 2018

As every year, Musée Bolo will be at the Numerik Games Festival with the entertaining “Anthology of Games and Big Pixels!” The pioneering computers and games of the ‘70s and ‘80s will be on display.

Nuit des Musées 2018

The Musée Bolo will open its doors once again this year for the Nuit des Musées on Saturday 22nd September. We are preparing something special, but shh!

Donation and relocation of Bernard’s collection

Our friend Bernard, who has been asking for our help for a while now, will be getting a visit from us at the end of July to pick up his collection. We won’t forget to take photos and share this new adventure with you.

Changes at the EPFL storeroom

Although they have been very busy recently, members of the association decided to rearrange the EPFL storeroom to install bigger orange shelving units which have greater storage capacity. The difficulty has been in emptying the current shelves and shifting the content in order to build the new ones. A museum is just a permanent giant game of Tetris…

Après avoir fait de la place, on peut enfin monter les étagères.

After making some space, we can finally build the shelves.

Notre local à l'EPFL en juin 2018

Our EPFL storeroom in June 2018.

Now, we also have a new fridge, an essential item for our weekly reunions on Tuesdays and other events.

Notre nouveau frigo, un don de la société Navixia

Our new fridge, a donation from Navixia SA


We have announced the end of our finance campaign #GoBolo which turned out to be a great success and has boosted our budget, whilst also being a real challenge for our communication teams. But all of the work has opened up new opportunities:

Work on Fonds Bruno Bonnell

The compilation of the inventory for the Fonds Bruno Bonnell has been able to make progress with the latest instalment on the 8th June and thanks to the precious help of GameLab de l’UNIL. Another occasion to discover some golden oldies.

Alone in the Dark - Pay as you play edition

Alone in the Dark – Pay as you play edition

Bon à tirer pour North & South

Final version of North & South

Quelques exemples de Chaos Control sur PC

Some copies of Chaos Control for PC

Other photos taken by GameLab can be found in the following Twitter thread:

🐠 SEGA「Fish Life」

Conservation work continues on the SEGA Fish Life, the virtual aquarium developed by SEGA at the beginning of the 21st century and based on the hardware of the SEGA Dreamcast console. We are working with the still very active Dreamcast community in order to be sure that we can get the most out of this remarkable console and software.

What have our friends been up to?

The Musée Bolo has loaned some pieces of its collection as props for the RTS web series, #Seniors. Find out more here (in French).

Yves Bolognini published an article on the history of the Bolo Museum and its future on his blog (in French).

For some time, our friends at Pixels have a Twitch stream which we invite you to check out and follow (in French).

What’s been happening in the rest of the world?

Because we are not the only ones doing things, here are a few links to what we’ve read and seen over the last few months:

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